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Mangalorean Ghee Roast Masala
Mangalorean Ghee Roast Masala
Mangalorean Ghee Roast Masala

Mangalorean Ghee Roast Masala

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  • Our Mangalore Ghee Roast Masala is a sure shot crowd pleaser. Made from a delicate blend of bright red Byadgi chillies and Spicy Guntur Red chillies along with a host of thirteen aromatic spices. All of which are individually roasted and ground to perfection for each has a different heating point when they impart their best fragrance and taste. 
  • We have crafted this recipe after detailed research from many old Mangalore family recipes, food blogs, and come up with the final version after multiple trials and tweaking post feedbacks from foodies, friends and family.
  • Cook this masala with your choice of veggies or meat according to the carefully curated recipe with a drizzle of Ghee at the end and Voila!! You have your own homemade, color free healthier-than-any-restaurant Ghee Roast ready. A detailed recipe is on the pouch.
  • Delve into this age-old speciality with Dosa, Neer Dosa, Idli or Malabar paratha in the comfort of your own home.
  • These are packed in nifty re-sealable zip-lock bags for repeated usage and easy storage. This helps in keeping the flavours intact. 
  • No onion or garlic is used in this mix
    • Taste - Spicy
    • Size- 100gms

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Mangalorean Ghee Roast Masala