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Mango pickle MASALA OIL
Mango pickle MASALA OIL
Mango pickle MASALA OIL

Mango pickle MASALA OIL

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Move over Chilli oil, our DESI avatar is here. Mango pickle masala oil.

Did you know why you should try Pickle Masala oil, the spices steeped in oil develop intense flavour and aroma that coats the tongue on first bite and stays for longer which enhances the flavour of the food and mouth feel. Once you taste this flavour there's no turning back! The oil is intense red, owning to the pure Reshampatti red chilli powder, adding great visual appeal to the food, and we all eat with our eyes first right?

Its earthy, spicy, sassy and intense. Pure BLISS in a jar

Mango pickle or Aam ka achar is traditionally made by Grandma's all across India for centuries. We have make this with a North Indian Heirloom recipe using succulent Raw mango pieces which are hand cut, sun-dried and then pickled to perfection using a plethora of spices like Fennel-Saunf, kabuli Hing-Asafoetida, Fenugreek-Methi, Red chilli powder and cold pressed mustard oil. 

This jar contains just the OIL ( no mango pieces). Add this to daals, curries, parantha, biryani. Make Acchari paneer in a jiffy by drizzling the Pickle oil on the paneer tikka or Make achaari Parantha by folding in this Pickle oil in the layers while rolling our the dough. Or spoon over a bowl of dahi to add zing to your meal.  

  • Pink Himalayan Salt or Sendha namak is used. 
  • 100 % PURE Cold Pressed Mustard Oil is used
  • To Taste - Savoury
    • 200 gms

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Mango pickle MASALA OIL