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Kaali gajar ki Kaanji

Kaali gajar ki Kaanji

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A quintessential north Indian  speciality, Kaanji is fermented water, made with different seasonal vegetables. Kaanji is equivalent to Indian Kombucha. In winter in north India its also made with Black carrots, a rarity in rest of country.  Fermented foods are essential in the diet, in order to add beneficial probiotics to your diet. 

This delicacy is being made by our Grand mothers since time immemorial. Jars of Kaanji sun out on window sills and balconies in homes across North India. Made with a delicate balance of 6 ingredients like hand pounded Mustard seeds, 2 kinds of natural rock salts, Kabuli hing and Reshampatti chilli powder, this probiotic drink is a flavour bomb !!! 

Its an age-old deworming hack too !! 

You can munch on the Crunchy black carrots and drink the Kaanji as is. Enjoy !

  • Taste - savoury with a pungent kick of mustard
  • Qty- 400 ml

Refrigerate after opening and finish with in a month for maximum taste.