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Sabutdana Papad, Low Salt
Sabutdana Papad, Low Salt
Sabutdana Papad, Low Salt

Sabutdana Papad, Low Salt

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  • This papad is made from Sabutdana/Tapioca pearls. Its Homemade, Handmade & Sundried as our Grandma's have been doing for generations
  • It was the snack they used to eat before commercially manufactured chips and the likes flooded the food scene. Before the food industry told us that Sabutdana is fattening and not what they wanted us to eat.
  • Sabudana is high in calcium, magnesium and iron which helps to make your bones strong and improve their density too. Its excellent for the gut. 
  • Its a plant-based food containing a good amount of dietary fibre that also helps to rebalance the healthy gut bacteria.
  • Serve it as a snack, a tiffin accompaniment for kids or as a part of the main meal.
  • Crush it up on your salads or fried rice to add a crunchy edge if you like.
    • It's Gluten-free
    • Made with Pink Himalayan Salt
    • To Taste- Savoury
    • Weight - 100 gms


Sabutdana Papad, Low Salt