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Kabuli Hing, 10 gm

Kabuli Hing, 10 gm

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  • Asafoetida is an ancient Indian ingredient, known for its medicinal qualities
  • It adds Umami to the meals. Umami, or savory taste, is one of the five basic tastes (together with sweetness, sourness, bitterness, and saltiness).
  • Ancient Romans used asafoetida as a medicine – it still is used as an anti-flatulent. Till today its used on infants to reduce colic.
  • Our Hing is extremely potent as its pure. Unlike commercial Hing which is mostly commercial edible resin with Hing essence. One wiff of our hing and you will know the difference. 
  • OFG Hing is our Pride
  • We powder it for convenience of use. 
    • Weight 10 gms

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