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Sambhariyo masala

Sambhariyo masala

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  • The iconic Gujarati spice mix, Sambhariyo is also known as Methia no masala.
  • Generous amounts of hand sorted Fenugreek seeds, Methi dana and hand sorted and Hand pounded Mustard seeds, rai are the predominant spices in this famous blend along with non spicey red chilli powder.
  • The spices are smoked in Cold pressed mustard oil for few days to add an edge and that's what makes it different from what's available in the market. 
  • Can be served with Rice or added to Sambhar.
  • Mostly this is sprinkled on Khakhra to bring out its flavours.
  • Great for travel, for kids studying overseas, reimnds them of home and hearth, we are told. 
  • These are packed in nifty re-sealable zip-lock bags for repeated usage and easy storage. This helps in keeping the flavours intact. 

    • No onion or garlic is used in the masala
    • Contains NO preservatives, additives or chemicals.
    • Contains Pink Himalayan Rock Salt.
    • Contains little Red chilli powder.
    • Weight 100 gm


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