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Garlic Moong Papad, Low Salt
Garlic Moong Papad, Low Salt
Garlic Moong Papad, Low Salt

Garlic Moong Papad, Low Salt

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  • A quintessentially Rajasthani Papad made with Moong daal (lentils)
  • This one is with a twist of Garlic adding more depth of flavour. 
  • How LOW SALT?
    • Unlike commercial papads all our papads are made with Papad Khar or Sajji salt. Sajji was traditionally used to make papads by our ancestors. Today commercial papad manufacturers use cheap substitutes for Saji like Soda Bicarbonate which makes the Papad high in Sodium thus causing lifestyle diseases like Blood pressure and are bad for the stomach. 
  • Its very light on the gut since moong daal is the lightest of all Daals.
  • Papad was consumed at the end of the meal by our forefathers to lower the Glycemic load of the meal thus keeping us full for a longer time.
  • Unfortuneately today its considered to be unhealthy because of the way its made commercially with cheaper ingredients. If its eaten when prepared the right way, in the right quantity it has many nutritional benefits.
  • Our papads don't stick to the jaws like commercial papads do because they are made with premium ingredients and spices using artisanal techniques our ancestors had used. These are not mass-produced, factory-made papads. Ours are hand made, sun-dried which is evident from the fact that they may slightly vary in size.
  • Its mildly spiced and has an intense flavour. 
  • Serve them with the meal or as a snack and embellish your meal everytime with minimal effort. 
    • Taste- Savoury
    • Weight- 500gms
Garlic Moong Papad, Low Salt