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Saunf, Fennel seeds

Saunf, Fennel seeds

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This aromatic spice is the most sought after in Indian cuisine. It adds oodles of flavour to any dish. 

Saunf is a great digestive spice. For centuries, Indians have chewed a few saunf seeds soon after a scrumptious meal, not only because it freshens the breathe but the bursting amounts of nutrients in the fennel stimulate the digestion process, treat flatulence and indigestion issues.

Ayurveda LOVES Saunf - Saunf  has imperative medicinal properties and it is valuable in pacifying the Tri-doshas - Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Saunf with a sweet, astringent-like and bitter taste, has a cooling effect on the body.

TIP : The best way to reap the benefits of saunf is steeping in water and drinking before meals. It helps detoxify the body while cooling it as well. 

Old Fashioned Gourmet's Saunf is from the FRESHEST harvest every year. We are very picky about the size, fragrance and color of the saunf we use and pack. 

- 100 gms