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Heirloom recipe Journal

India has been eternally known as the land of spices. We must be having the largest repertoire of vegetarian food in the world. Each region, community, family have their own vast collection of recipes. Infact, every 1km of radius in any given area there may be a bazillion recipes that are used everyday.

Our essence at Old Fashioned Gourmet is to revive Heirloom recipes of pickles and spices. Most of our recipes are from our own family archives and we also have many from those from our family and friends. Amma has a treasure trove of xeroxed recipe books from her peers, many of these recipes are so old that they are written ancient measurements like Tola & Masha and are to be made with ancient food that are not easily available anymore.

We aspire to carry forward this legacy, not only through our goodies but also through our recipe blogs aiming to share some such gems with as many people as we can. We will curate a segment of family favourite recipes of pickles and spices by people from different walks of life along with a little story behind each. We are hoping that some of you may be looking for such recipes since you may have tried this achaar in your childhood or to merely feast your eyes online with something new. In either case these recipes continue to live and breath through us and in the process we will try to document at least a few of these. Its one thing to read a mere method and ingredients of recipes and another to see and hear and know the nuances of cooking them. We have tried to document those nuggets as well because we feel those are what make the recipe a hit.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to contribute and be a part of this endeavour. 


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