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Chhuhara Churan

One from our family heirloom recipe books, this is an integral part of childhood for many. It was always in one of the little jars kept at Amma's bedside. Those jars consisted of many digestives and mouth fresheners alike. Anyone who came to meet Amma would always dig into her treasure trove of jars, post the delish Thali Marwari meal.

Digestives are a crucial part of Indian food heritage. They counteract the side effects of certain essential foods for they aid in digestion. In the olden days, plenty of measures were taken to ensure good Gut health. Gastro-Intestinal well being is most crucial for the human body after all.

Chhuhaara or dry dates are rich in Dietary fiber, Vit A & B, essential minerals such as calcium, iron, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, magnesium and zinc. Yup, it's an ancient superfood.

Our Chhuhara churan is homemade, handmade & artisanal. It's sweet & tangy & totally chatpatta. Digestives were meant to be lipsmaking in order to stimulate the saliva glad thereby producing more digestive enzymes while masticating the food which help in digestion after a meal. It's a science which has been long forgotten, unfortunately.

Sadly, today, such Dadi Ma's gems have lost their place, with the advent of mass-produced digestives which need to be price competitive. Cheap commercial salt is the main ingredient for these, thereby making it bad for BP and health in general. 
Just like in all our pickles, here also we only use Sendha namak or Pink Himalayan Rock salt.

Introductory price Rs.100/- for 50gm plus shipping
These are packed in nifty re-sealable zip-lock bags for repeated usage and easy storage. Can be easily slipped into a handbag, convenient for travel.

Let's embrace our rich culinary heritage once again.

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